I What is the origin and location of neuBarock®?

neuBarock® has a Spanish-German origin and is based in Valencia, Spain.

Where are neuBarock® products designed and manufactured?

neuBarock® designs and manufactures in Valencia, Spain.

Does NeuBarock® have TÜV certificates?

neuBarock® will have TÜV certificates of its main models progressively, the fact of diversifying designs and sizes complicates the fact of homologating all in the TÜV, for now we plan to certify the TÜV of our model that we consider more important, the Sport Klassik Monoblock in 17 inches . Of course all our products are legal to circulate with them and pass all official tests, for us the importance of TÜV is more understood as a demand of our German customers than a necessity of our own.
Once the TÜV of a model is completed, the company will send the certificate retroactively to our customers who previously bought the model.

Why the neuBarock® prices?

Because it is due to the quality of the materials and the thorough manufacturing processes that guarantee the highest range. We also have to take into account the high degree of customization available when evaluating our prices. The CNC machining of each rim takes at least 8 hours and with the supervision of an expert controlling the entire process, to which we must add the finish in each case.

The pricing policy for neuBarock® products is fair, it is simply a matter of products that have a very high intrinsic value and which, moreover, we manufacture expressly according to the wishes of our customers. They are of course high, but by no means expensive.

Can I order a model or size that neuBarock® is not currently offering?

Our production system allows us a high degree of customization but there may be limitations. All requests will be well received and thoroughly studied in the attempt to provide service and satisfaction to our customers.

What is the bigger size that NeuBarock® can make?

neuBarock® can manufacture wheels up to 23 inches.

Does NeuBarock® manufacture modular wheels?

Yes, we do it by request.

I have a Mercedes 600 W100 and I am interested in riding some NeuBarock® wheels, but due to the weight of the car I don’t know if it’s possible.

We have that possibility contemplated, by default the neuBarock® wheels are designed to have the best lightness/resistance ratio, but we can do them at the request of the customer with the necessary load index.

How long does it take to serve a neuBarock® product since the order is placed?

The delivery time of neuBarock® is very variable depending on the characteristics requested by the customer and the demand we have at that time, the average would be approximately two months, but we have the capacity to serve some very specific products in just two weeks; In any case we will always inform our client clearly and transparently about the deadlines.