Reinterpreting the most iconic wheel ever made

Take your classic to the highest level. Take your contemporary to the highest class.

C123 US version with the 7.5x17 neuBarock® Klassik Sport in mirror polished finish

C123 US version with the 7.5×17 and W111 coupe with the 8×17 neuBarock® Klassik Sport, both in mirror polished finish

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About neuBarock®


In September 1969, Mercedes-Benz presented the C-111 concept which was supposed to be the first appearance of a Mercedes light-alloy wheel, that was forged and which led to the production version that was immediately available for the entire Mercedes range as an option, and which was distributed until 1985. During those 16 years, this classic design known as “Barock” became an icon. Presently, no less than 50 years later, we pay tribute to it by reinterpreting the original 1969 design, in order to give the opportunity to enhance classic Mercedes cars with a state-of-the-art, top-quality, superbly designed product that will integrate perfectly into any classic Mercedes of the “Barock era”, improving driveability with current tyre sizes, and without impairing its aesthetics, but quite the opposite, enhancing it, and making it possible to use it on post-Barock and even current models.
neuBarock® is a 21st-century premium product made in EU that combines the ultimate rim manufacturing technology with tradition and classic design.
NEUBAROCK®: Take your classic to the highest level. Take your contemporary to the highest class.


Take your classic to the highest level

Improve your classic technique and aesthetically maintaining the essence.

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